The Wishgranter is an Action Dungeon crawler inspired by Classic Legend Of Zelda, the Souls series & traditional Roguelikes with a focus on Replay-ability, Challenging Combat & an Engaging Non-linear Story.

Various heroes, fallen in battle & finding themselves resurrected in a town with no entrance or exit. A mysterious entity know only as the Wishgranter promises freedom and life in exchange for retrieving ancient relics from a depths below. Play as such heroes with no choice but to explore countless Dangerous Dungeons on a quest to get back to the real world and uncover the mysteries of the Wishgranter!

Currently in development for Windows PC.

  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons - Created with a mix of Hand-crafted Challenge & Treasure rooms as well as Procedurally Generated Rooms - No Dungeon is ever the same!
  • Strategic Combat - Skill based combat, Limited Resources and Unforgiving Enemies make you think twice about how you approach a fight.
  • Permadeath - Once you die in battle, your hero is lost forever, Leaving you with a new hero, Unskilled & Unequipped.
  • External Progression - With each hero's progress in the dungeons, The Town & story are progressed as well as changing the Dungeons themselves!
  • Endless Loot - Procedurally Generated Weapons, Armor, Potions and much much more!

The Wishgranter has been Greenlit on Steam!